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Landfill Questions
Why is there odor?
What is being done to manage the odor?
When will the odor go away?
Why is there odor?
A heat-producing reaction deep within the Landfill's South Quarry is causing trash to decompose at an accelerated rate. This produces more gas and liquid than normal, and has been the primary source of odor. The reaction presented a highly complex gas and liquid management challenge, requiring sophisticated extraction, pretreatment and disposal infrastructure, as well as a site management team with considerable expertise.
What is being done to manage the odor?
We have invested approximately $200 million in odor control and environmental remediation, including a leachate pretreatment plant, upgraded gas and leachate extraction systems, a flare system to destroy captured gas, synthetic liner over the South Quarry and portions of the North Quarry, and a pretreated waste water conveyance line that connects with the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District.
When will the odor go away?
We believe the worst of the odor is in the past. We brought considerable expertise, resources and capabilities to bear to control odors, and a recent order of the Circuit Court of St. Louis County finds that substantial work has been completed at the site. While we cannot predict with certainty the life-span of this heat-producing reaction, we are leveraging our experience from operating roughly 300 active and closed landfills across the country to further reduce and control any residual odor emanating from the site.
Introduction to Bridgeton Landfill
Watch a short animated video that summarizes everything that's happening at Bridgeton Landfill, and what we're doing to ensure the odors remain controlled. Follow along with the steps we've taken over the last year and a half, and get answers to your questions here.
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Timeline of Developments
> Polyethylene Liner Polyethylene Liner
Polyethylene Liner Polyethylene Liner
> Polyethylene Liner Polyethylene Liner
Polyethylene Liner